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Agenda Feb 2020 OWASP Portland Leadership Committee

Committee Updates

Membership and Community Outreach - John Whiteman

  • Membership feedback/insights
  • Community feedback/insights/opportunities/leads
  • Where could use help

Chapter Meetings - Kendra Ash

  • December chapter meeting feedback
  • Upcoming chapter meetings
  • Where could use help

Study Night - Allison Naaktgeboren

  • Upcoming study nights
  • Where could use help

Training Day - Ian Melvin (Katie is out of town)

  • Training Day Updates
  • Where could use help

Mentorship - David Quisenberry

  • 2020 mentorship kickoff
  • Where could use help

Governance Updates

State of the Budget - Benny Zhao

  • 2020 Starting Finances

Chapter Business

Podcast Budget Approval

Owasp Email Accounts

New OWASP Website

Open Chapter Business Discussion

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