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Minutes December 2019 OWASP Portland Leadership Committee


Committee Organization Overview - David Quisenberry

Covering committee's focuses and leaders First study night happened and went well, trying to be a more hands on workshop/event Cara Tang will co-chair the Mentorship Committee if we can find another co-chair to work with her

Committee Updates

Membership and Community Outreach - John Whiteman

  • Membership feedback/insights
  • Community feedback/insights/opportunities/leads
  • Where could use help

Kick off meeting happened on November 25th to figure out goals 8 new Twitter Followers 542 Meetup Followers 57 attendees at last chapter meeting LinkedIn group now at 123 members Google Groups/mailing list now at 98 members Planning to reach out to folks who may be interested to ask what they want to see Considering doing a survey to ask membership for interests but not sure how much participation we would see Looking at other local user groups, individuals, and other local organizations Going to start tracking the other groups/meetups and figure out which ones make sense to work with Engaging with other meetups/communities locally and build relationships with them A call for all ideas and suggestions about other groups we can connect with and other ideas about how to promote our chapter Want to make more use of Twitter Want to do more with, including pre and post meetup photos - this also helps give back something to our venue sponsors Trying to look more at metrics to find out what's working and what isn't A call for volunteers to help engage the external Portland community to help out the goals of the committee

Chapter Meetings - Kendra Ash

  • November chapter meeting feedback
  • Upcoming chapter meetings
  • Where could use help

Kickoff meeting happened last month. David and Ian are helping with this committee. Looking for a January speaker - looking for someone to do an intro to Burp and ZAP Looking for speakers from June 2020 onwards - have speakers lined up February through May 2020 already Trying to make sure our speaker lineup is diverser Have a potential digital forensics speaker from Intel and a potential speaker from Nike Derek is going to be able to help out more in January and will reach out to Tanya Janca We're continuing to solicit speaker Looking for more venues if possible - currently rotating through New Relic, Zapproved, and Vacasa Looking at Incom and they might host and sponsor David has a call Thursday about the February CMD+CTRL CTF we're planning to host in February

Study Night - Allison Naaktgeboren

  • December study night kickoff
  • Upcoming study nights
  • Where could use help

Had 1st one About 50% of the RSVP's actually showed up Symbols didn't export to all systems successfully Looking for someone for January - Jordan volunteered but we need to confirm with her Have 1st Tuesday at Ctrl-H booked for January Ray from Cambia is lined up for February A place to practice giving a talk or presenting in front of a group Speak up if you or other folks are interested in speaking or participating

Training Day - Katie Feucht

  • 2020 training day goals discussion
  • 1st Quarter training day activities
  • Where could use help

Focused on getting everyone access to the Google Drive, Slack channel etc. Hard to expand by a lot with current committee size Expanding and changing venues seems a lot to do both at once Also looking for volunteers to join to help plan Goal is to have venue locked down by end of December so we can send the sponsor list in January This allows us us to get all the funding etc. locked down early Want to get more diverse and higher profile speaker Katie's proposal is to plan for a possible larger 2021 event while we plan a similar size/scope 2020 event We would need to scout a new venue before the end of the year in order to change this year The 2020 docs in Google are all set up and ready to go Need to find a new mixer venue as Rock Bottom has closed - would like to keep the mixer somewhere closer to the Training Day venue Please get in contact with Katie if you're interested in helping with or have ideas for Training Day You can suggest ideas without having to fully join the committee as well ! Definitely need help on the committee finding trainers and sponsors if we want to expand from last year Need to finalize date and make sure that there's no other conflict Date seemed to work pretty well this year and avoided BSides etc We think keeping it midweek is fine Katie has 3 potential dates in mind - September 16th, 23rd, 30th

Mentorship - David Quisenberry

  • 2019 mentorship update
  • 2020 mentorship kickoff
  • Where could use help
    • Finding a committee lead

Cara has agreed to co-chair if we can find another person to co-chair with her Goal is to do another round in January of mentorships David will be contacting previous cohort of mentors/mentees David will send a Google form to solicit interest This is another committee that needs to grow, lack of interest so far Long running/slow burning project Please contact David if you want to help or know anyone that might want to get involved with the Mentorship program in 2020

Governance Updates

State of the Budget - Benny Zhao

  • 2019 Financial Overview
  • 2020 Budget Planning (Training Day, Chapter Events, Known Expenditures)

OWASP 2019 Initial Balance $7,730.92 New 2019 Net Revenue from tickets and sponsors $11,168.89 Initial 2019 Balance + New 2019 Revenue $18,899.81 Remaining Balance $4,989.94

Benny requests if anyone has any reimbursements that haven't happened to let him know, but we think none are outstanding. Philip will get Benny the exact # for the mixer for 2019 Training Day.

Chapter Business

Determine Chapter Meeting Themes for First Six Months

  • Web App Pentesting / CTF
  • Cryptography (Brian Ventura / Alexei Kojenov)
  • Forensics
  • Compliance
  • Cloud Security
  • Operations / Monitoring
  • Risk
  • ????

Want to try to have an intro level presentation one month and then follow that next month with a more advanced talk next month.

Quiz, John, Kendra will follow up on doing a survey to determine topics for chapter memberships

Open Chapter Business Discussion

We will do a call to action via the social media channels and also at the chapter meeting tomorrow ! We will try to highlight the committees and what they're doing and which ones need the most help David has been moving a lot of things like contacts, sponsors, etc. into Salesforce We have 10 seats from the OWASP Foundation

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