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OWASP January 2020 Minutes

Committee Updates

Membership and Community Outreach - John Whiteman

Membership feedback/insights

Community feedback/insights/opportunities/leads

Where could use help

Current membership #'s: Twitter 581, Meetup 558, LinkedIn 131

Podcasts now on iTunes/Spotify/Buzzsprout/RSS - 45 subscribers

Have folks tuning in from outside the US - Sweden is #2

Sent a survey out a while ago - low respondent rate but:

Web app pen testing was #1, cloud security was #2 crypto / reverse engineering tied for #3

Talking to Ron Wyden / FBI / schools

We still don't have a lot of insights into who our core membership are

Please RT, share and like meeting announcements from the @PortlandOWASP Twitter

Looking to diversify the folks that we have on the podcast - anyone can do a podcast, it's for the chapter.

Planning to also do podcasts for OWASP folks outside of Portland, help them cross promote their projects while we promote the chapter.

Tanya would be a good person for the podcast, Derek can reach out to her and ask.

Chapter Meetings - Kendra Ash (absent, updates from Quiz)

December chapter meeting feedback Upcoming chapter meetings Where could use help Next chapter meeting - January - Intro to Burp Suite - Ryan Krause

February Command and Control CTF @ Vacasa 5pm - 9pm

Security Innovation are providing food, prizes and leaving it open for the next week.

November - potentially Secure Code Warrior (Derek is the PoC)

Secure Code Warrior might also be interested in doing a CTF for Training Day as well

Tentatively have speakers lined up through the end of April.

Want to bring in more diverse speakers this year if possible. Please help us !

Ian can check with Amber Pham.

Jeff is going to check with April about speaking at a chapter meeting, the chapter would need to cover travel and accommodation and we have budget

If anyone has suggestions of what subjects you’d like April to cover in a presentation or workshop, please let Jeff know.

Study Night - Allison Naaktgeboren (absent, updates from Quiz)

Upcoming study nights

Where could use help

Have about 20 people RSVP'd for the next study night on Burp Suite.

This is a great opportunity to present to a small friendly group of people for 10-20 minutes and then get hands on with everyone.

Crypto and cloud are particular areas of interest, but all topics are welcome.

Don't think we have someone lined up for February, so please help find someone.

Training Day - Katie Feucht (absent, covered by Ian)

Training Day Updates Where could use help Have first sponsor Security Innovation Also asked Secure Code Warrior to sponsor as well. Jeff will ask April if she wants to do Training Day as well. Training Day is going well - have the venue booked and the date September 23rd. Want to lock down trainers and class schedule/options by March or April 2020 Committee welcomes more help and new members - contact Katie or Ian

Mentorship - David Quisenberry

2020 mentorship kickoff Where could use help 20 people have filled out the online form There are some people who have done it before who have not signed up again for this round We had 30 last round Only about 4 or 5 returning - 15 new names Planning a kickoff in February at the Lucky Lab Have a Gitbook on the new website that covers mentorship material Slack @Quiz or send an email if you want to be involved with helping out with the mentorship program

Governance Updates

State of the Budget - Benny Zhao

2020 Starting Finances Only expense since last meeting is the deposit for the WTC for Training Day for which Katie needs to be reimbursed

##Chapter Business

Podcast Budget Approval Buzzsprout (podcast service) has a monthly fee - $12 / month - $144 for 2020 Buzzsprout expenditure APPROVED by the leadership team. Owasp Email Accounts Ian is (slowly) working on these for each committee lead for the chapter. Want to have them for outreach and other OWASP business while keeping personal emails private. New OWASP Website If everyone has an email address, they can edit the chapter website and we can have different sections for each committee of the chapter. WORLD PREMIERE of new Portland OWASP chapter website : This will launch officially on January 15 2020 Open Chapter Business Discussion Discussion about collecting more information on our members and their employers etc. and pros/cons and privacy considerations Brian suggested an approach to collect the information we need transaparently and explicitly from our membership. Quiz is going to explore using our free Saleforce for Nonprofit to solicit information from our membership along those lines and report back. This information would be extremely useful to our Outreach committee as well as Training Day for sponsorship etc.

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