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Flow Theme

General Information

Flow is a responsive theme for all OXID eShop editions.


Step 1: Select the appropriate branch

Currently there are 3 main branches for Flow:

  • Branch b-1.0 contains Flow for OXID eShop version 4.10/5.3
  • Branch b-2.x contains Flow for OXID eShop version 6.0.0
  • Branch master contain Flow for OXID eShop b-6.x branch latest development

Step 2: Get the source code

Check out the appropriate branch for your OXID eShop version into the shop's Application/views directory:

cd DOCUMENT_ROOT/Application/views/
git clone -b BRANCH_NAME flow

You should now have a new folder DOCUMENT_ROOT/Application/views/flow.

Step 3: Prepare the database (< version 6.0 only)

In order to install the theme options, import the setup.sql into your database.

Option 1: Console

mysql -u MYSQL_USER -p SHOP_DATABASE < flow/setup.sql

Option 2: Shop Admin: Service -> Tools

If you have a local copy of flow files, go to Service -> Tools in Shop Admin, upload flow/setup.sql and click "start update" button

Step 4: Prepare the out folder

The out folder can be prepared in two possible ways. The first option is to use symbolic links, the second is to copy. Using a symbolic link is strongly recommended, as otherwise you would have do the copying everytime Flow is updated.

Option 1: Symbolic Linking

Link the theme's out directory to the out directory of the shop:

ln -s ../Application/views/flow/out/flow ../../out/flow

Option 2: Copying

Copy theme's out directory to shop:

cp -r flow/out/flow ../../out/flow

You now should be able to do cd ../../out/flow.

Step 5: Activate theme

Log into the admin panel, go to Extensions → Themes → Flow and press the Activate button. Clean the cache and off you go, my friend!


All Flow theme related CSS/Javascript files can be found in theme's build directory. To regenerate the theme's assets, the grunt tasks should be used. Please install grunt and run grunt's default task to regenerate all minimized css and js files:

  1. To use grunt, npm is required. Check nodejs website for installation instructions ( Example of Installation on ubuntu system:

    curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
    sudo apt-get install -y nodejs npm nodejs-legacy
  2. Install grunt globally. Example:

    sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. Go to "flow" theme's directory and install all related grunt plugins:

    cd DOCUMENT_ROOT/Application/views/flow/
    sudo npm install
  4. Now its possible to regenerate "flow" theme assets by running grunt default task while being in "flow" directory:



If you are interested in contributing of some changes, Please read file for more information.


Please forward all issues to for the project Flow Theme.


Licensing of the software product depends on the OXID eShop edition used. The software for OXID eShop Community Edition is published under the GNU General Public License v3. You may distribute and/or modify this software according to the licensing terms published by the Free Software Foundation. Legal licensing terms regarding the distribution of software being subject to GNU GPL can be found under The software for OXID eShop Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition is released under commercial license. OXID eSales AG has the sole rights to the software. Decompiling the source code, unauthorized copying as well as distribution to third parties is not permitted. Infringement will be reported to the authorities and prosecuted without exception.