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OXID Community Map

A map stuffed with peeps being involved in OXID eShop development. The directory is hosted on GitHub and hence allows everyone to add, delete or alter its own entry. ♥ Join us!


The screen shot above shows what user entries look like. You’ll even get your own URL for your entry - awesome, isn't it? For example, this is a link to Chris.

How to add and manage your entry?

You can add your own marker to the map and manage your data yourself. Learn about it at 3 ways how to manage your entry!

Who’s the map for?

The map is for any person to be involved with OXID eShop development: developers, integrators, editors, translators, designers, etc. It’s about visualizing the OXID community. If you use or support OXID, the map is for you!

Get a map like this for your own community!

Please turn to the gentle REDAXO people who originally assembled and shared this application and started over with their own community. Read on their page how it works, how to fork and adapt it for your own community and how to get help.