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Taken over from here:

== Title == Musterdenke Prepayment Modul

== Author == Musterdenker

== Prefix == mude

== Version == 2.1, für Shopversion 4.7 - 4.9

== Link ==

== Mail ==

== Description == With this module you get a new order list in admin. This list contains all orders which have the payment type "oxidpayadvance" (prepayment), are not paid yet and are not canceled. In this list there ist a small icon on the right ("="). When you click on this icon a mail is send to the customer to remind him/her that his/her order is not paid yet. You can customize the email by editing the "out/basic/email_mudepremayment_customer.tpl" template or by changing the translations in "out/admin/de/mude_prepayment_lang.php". The footer of each email is a CMS snippet called "mude_prepayment_mailfooter".

== Extends ==

== Instalation == Execute install.sql. Copy everything from the "copy_this" folder into your shop root folder. Empty the "tmp" folder.


- 19.11.2013 | Josef Andreas Puckl: Anpassungen für 4.7 & alle Dateien im Modulordner.
- 16.02.2015 Volker Lange (domino) und | Josef Andreas Puckl - Kompatibilität zu Shopversion 4.9.
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