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  • (1) may be the best vue code snippets plug-ins in Vscode, not only includes the vue2 all api, also contains vue-router 2 and vuex 2 code

  • (2) Each snippet has a detailed description, mainly to facilitate learning, because when learning to forget the use of an api, often to consult the document will be a waste of time, so I will increase the description of each code snippet, description of the basis are derived from official documents


  • The code standard style base on JavaScript Standard Style

  • In vue and vue-router, vuex general $ are the beginning of the vm api,In the vscode code snippet prepared by the $ is a variable, when you enter $ is no role。So for all "$" please enter vm


  • Tips for the way Many plug-ins is to use shorthand,for example, the router object method, enter rtb-> will prompt router.beforeEach(),This is convenient, but need to force you to remember, not friendly.So what I've taken is that when you type router, it lists all the properties and methods of the router object


Vue code snippets


vue-router code snippets


vuex code snippets



ext install VueHelper


This is an open source project open to anyone. Contributions are extremely welcome :github

Release Notes

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