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Project Oaken

Watch this presentation to get up to speed on what Project Oaken is doing for the Ether.Camp Hackathon.

Table of Contents


Project Oaken is a secure, autonomous, machine to machine IOT platform built to provide the underlying infrastructure needed to power smart cities. This includes both a software and hardware solution that integrates into existing systems and processes.

How ACORNS Work with OAKEN

Acorns are IOT Machines with Autonomous Communication Over Redundant Node Systems


Our ACORNS hardware product is a secure, autonomous, machine to machine platform to provide the underlying infrastructure needed to power smart cities via the internet of things and the internet of money.

ACORNS devices run Linux OS, and come bundled with all necessary applications in order to enable real world interaction between machines and smart contracts. We have currently only performed testing utilizing’s blockchain and IPFS, but we can customize our ACORNS devices to be deployed on a variety of other public & permissioned blockchain platforms.


ACORNS utilize NodeJS, IPFS, Ethereum, and Solidity smart contract language are used in the software layer to collect and transfer data cheaply and with minimal infrastructure. An IPFS and Ethereum node are loaded onto the ACORN hardware module to faciliate the network and data storage layers. NodeJS provides a backend and frontend interface to operate and monitor the ACORN. Smart contracts written in Solidity are utilized for transparency.

water-meter-acorn use case

See this section of video to discover how this ACORN works.

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