Oasis - Decentralized Token Market
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This is a simple on-chain OTC market for ERC20 Standard Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can either pick an order from the order book (in which case delivery will happen instantly), or submit a new order yourself.

Oasis is undergoing alpha testing: Proceed at your own risk, and use only small amounts of ETH and MKR.


This dapp uses Meteor as frontend; the contract side can be tested and deployed using dapple.

Usage (for Users)

Ensure you have a locally running ethereum node.

Installation (for Developers)


Clone and install:

git clone https://github.com/OasisDEX/oasis.git
cd oasis
npm install

Usage (for Developers)

To run the frontend, start meteor:

cd frontend 
npm install

You can access the user interface on http://localhost:3000/

To deploy the frontend to Github Pages:

gulp deploy


This project uses the AirBnB style guide for coding standard guidelines. We use ESLint to automatically check for common code problems or style errors. There's an eslintConfig section in frontend/package.json for the configuration of ESLint. You can run the linter with:

cd frontend
meteor npm run lint


This project is licensed under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.


See https://waffle.io/MakerDAO/maker-market