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* used wrong trigger

* fix

* Update name

* Move protected branch guard to first step

* Add pytest opts field

* Remove break-point

* Fix check for changed files

* Regenerated expected results -

* Revert "Regenerated expected results -"

This reverts commit 47cafb1.

* comment out example case_9

* update expected dirs to match test class name

* split away the testing class from the actual tests

* Tidy up Main test class and add doc strings

* Fix tests

* fix indent

* Skip class if params are missing


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Binder PiWind Testing PiWind MDK

Oasis PiWind

Toy UK windstorm model.

Cloning the repository

You can clone this repository from GitHub.

Running via the Oasis MDK

The Oasis model development kit (MDK) is a Python package which provides a command line interface (CLI) for developing and running models using the Oasis framework. It can be installed via the Python package installer pip (or pip3 for Python 3). The PiWind repository contains a JSON configuration file that allows the PiWind model to be run via the MDK.

Using the configuration file an end-to-end analysis can be executed using the command:

oasislmf model run -C oasislmf.json

Files will be generated by default in a UTC timestamped folder named runs/ProgOasis-<UTC timestamp> in your working directory.