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The issue tracker for DolphiniOS.
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Looking for a download?

Click here on a jailbroken iOS device and click "Add to Cydia".

DolphiniOS Issue Tracker

This is the official issue tracker for DolphiniOS. Please read the following before making an issue.

  1. If you need help, do not make an issue here. You can get help at our Discord server or by contacting OatmealDome on Twitter.

  2. Use the official build at the Cydia repo. Your issue will be closed if you are found to be using debs or ipas found from reddit, YouTube, other Discord servers, other Cydia repos, etc.

  3. Do not use pirated (downloaded) games. We do not support piracy. Dump games using a real Wii. (A tutorial can be found here:

  4. If you have made any modifications to the INI files (GFX.ini, Dolphin.ini, etc), try undoing them before asking for help.

  5. Follow the template.

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