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Miscellaneous patches for Splatoon 2
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Splatoon 2 Miscellaneous Patches

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This repository contains various patches for Splatoon 2 in the IPSwitch format.


  • ❤ Simonx22
  • Dualie
  • Khangaroo
  • Zewia
  • random
  • Shadów
  • kgg

Usage Guide

Note: This guide expects you to have Atmosphère already set up!

Download the latest release of IPSwitch from here
Download the .pchtxt file from this repo

Create a folder under SDMC:/switch/ labelled "ipswitch"
Place the IPSwitch .nro under SDMC:/switch/ipswitch/
Create a folder under SDMC:/switch/ipswitch/ labelled whatever you would like
Place the .pchtxt file under SDMC:/switch/ipswitch/(Your folder)

Boot Atmosphère on your console and open the Album applet
Select "IPSwitch" in the homebrew menu
Enable/disable patches you would like by selecting "Toggle Patch Text Contents"
Then select "Generate IPS by Patch Text" to apply your patches.

You're finished! Boot Splatoon 2 and have fun!

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