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A tool to edit many formats of Nintendo Switch and some Wii U.
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A tool to edit many formats of Nintendo Switch and some Wii U.

Note not all libraries and files are pushed to this tool YET. This is in BETA and not final! Code also needs some major clean up!


  • Smash Forge Devs (SMG, Ploaj, jam1garner, smb123w64gb, etc) for some code ported over. Specifically animation stuff, GTX c# implementation, and some rendering.
  • Assimp devs for their massive asset library!
  • Wexos (helped figure out a few things, ie format list to assign each attribute)
  • JuPaHe64 for the base 3D renderer.
  • Every File Explorer devs (Gericom) for Yaz0 stuff
  • Exelix for Byaml, Sarc and KCL library
  • Syroot for helpful IO extensions and libraies
  • GDK Chan for some DDS decode methods
  • AboodXD for some foundation stuff with exelix's SARC library, GTX and BNTX texture swizzling and documentation
  • MelonSpeedruns for logo.



License in Switch_Toolbox\Lib\Licenses

Please note if you do not want your library used or if i'm missing credits!

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