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This is the Conference Designer sample for Obeo Designer.

This sample is used for demo during conferences, with a customization with the current conference's program.

To install it, the easiest way is to download Obeo Designer Community Edition 9.1 which provides a ready-to-use bundle with Sirius: . Just check out this source code, and use a runtime workspace to try the sample with these projects:

  • fr.obeo.conference.sample.*

Last change:

  • Upgrade to Sirius 4.1 (and OD 9.1.0)
  • full migration to AQL

Demo Scenario

  • Sample Tour
    • makingof : optional, to start with a fun introduction
    • show several diagrams, explain the different kind of representations
    • explain that this is a specific language
    • if technical attendees, explain that everything is store in simple XML/XMI files
  • Ergonomic :
    • with subject:
      • align with vertical helpers
      • same size + distribute vertically
      • touching mode
    • with makingof:
      • Pin / arrange all
      • container autosize
    • with track and location :
      • picture usage + location avec Map
      • dark border with the same content color
    • usage of SVG icon instead of standards shapes. Ex : EA Goal screenshots v1 and v2
  • HelloWorld :
    • start from an Empty EMF project
    • close the 2nd OD instance
    • Create a new Ecore Modeling Project with the name "Helloworld"
    • Create this domain model : Conference ->* Talk (with a EAttribute Title:EString)
    • launch genmodel -> gen all
    • launch the 2nd instance
    • create a VP Specification Project
    • create a diagram respresentation with a Square mapping for each Talk and a creation tool.
    • create a Modeling Project, add a Helloworld model, and create 2 talks : Hello et World
  • Tip and Ticks
    • with Planning
      • Compartiments
    • with track
      • create a Validation rule for duration > 0
      • create a quick fix which set duration to 35
    • Conditional Style on 'Sirius' word
    • with Stats
      • track label : + ' - length:' + self.talks->select(myTalk |'Sirius')).duration->sum()
    • show table / tree specification
  • 10 min
    • create a diagram called All Tracks in the VSM (with *.design project and the sample in the same workspace)
    • Container focus on Track
    • Node on Talk
    • Move Talk inside Track
    • change in container properties free forms to list
    • add duration and days information on talk's label
    • tool create talk
    • DnD tool to move a Talk tyo another Track
  • 5 min more
    • DE on Talk
    • speaker as bordered node on Talk
    • Move tool on Talk with Selection Wizard
    • Table per track : Talk -> | duration |
    • Navigation between these two representations


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