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juliendupont Modification of flow.odesign
- Add tools
	- Double click with open Dialog
	- Double click with open Wizard
	- Selection wizard
	- Filter
- Corrected bug of Depedencies Control
Latest commit 572be70 Nov 6, 2017


This is the Flow Designer sample for Obeo Designer.

You can find a video of this designer at the home page of

To install it, the easiest way is to download Obeo Designer Community Edition 9.1 which provides a ready-to-use bundle with Sirius 4.1. Just check out this source code, and use a runtime workspace to try the sample with these two projects:

  • org.obeonetwork.sample.robot

Last change:

  • Upgrade to Sirius 4.1 (and OD 9.1)
  • Simplify the VSM for the demo purpose
  • Improve the L&F of the sample.

The very next steps for this project are:

  • CDO-ification of the metamodel
  • Propose a scenario of improvement with Power Supply