Convert anything from C++ to Lua and back, easily create modules & more.
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Title: Apollo Readme


Convert anything from Lua to C++ and back!

Build Status

This library is in a quite usable alpha state. It can be built as static library or DLL/.so and works with Lua 5.2 to 5.3. Documentation is here:


  • Functions are first-class objects: You can push a function to Lua and retrieve it back. When you pushed it as a function pointer, you can retrieve it back as function pointer, std::function and boost::function are also fully supported (they can even hold functions written in Lua!)
  • If you don't need to retrieve your functions back from Lua, apollo offers function wrappers that have zero overhead compared to a hand-written wrapper (to_raw_function<F, FVal>()).
  • Supports converting classes with multiple bases to any unambiguous one (virtual inheritance is not supported).
  • Access to primitives (push, from_stack<T>, is_convertible<T>) allows you to build the abstractions you need or hand-write a custom wrapper if the included high-level abstractions don't fit your needs.
  • Useful Lua programming utilities like registry_reference, stack_balance or exceptions_to_lua_errors and the complementary throwing pcall.

Also, the implementation uses variadic templates instead of preprocessor metaprogramming for faster builds and better auto-completion support.


  • A up-to-date, reasonably C++11-compliant compiler and standard library. Tested with gcc 4.8, Clang 3.4 with libstdc++-4.8 (see Travis CI) and MSVC 12 (2013).
  • Lua in version 5.1, 5.2 or 5.3.
  • Boost 1.56 Presently used modules are Assert, Config, Core, Exception and TypeIndex. For the tests, Preprocessor and Test are used additionally.
  • A reasonably recent CMake for building.