An open source 3d printable mobile robot
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Miniskybot V2

Miniskybot V2 with an skymega board

An open source 3D printable mobile robot ( printbot )

In this repository you can find the Miniskybot 2 or later You can find more information (in spanish) in this page


  • Simplified chassis
  • Marbel as cator wheel (thanks to sliptonic)
  • Battery holder screwed to the chassis
  • Compact and small
  • 3 type of wheels, for the 3 different servo horns
  • Electronics Compatible with skymega and Arduino UNO boards


GPL license or Creative Commons Attribution-shareAlike (Copyleft)


  • Juan Gonzalez-Gomez
  • Andres Prieto-Moreno
  • Miguel Angel de Frutos
  • Antonio Barrientos


Miniskybot V1

For the miniskybot 1 go to the following links: