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E-commerce Website


We created this site to further develop and enhance our understanding of full-stack web development. Our site seamlessly links the client-side website with our back-end routes and database to fully mimic a functioning e-commerce website selling robot friends..

🛒 Functionality

Users can sign in using Google OAuth. Users can view all products and single product details. Users can add products to their cart, which persists across sessions using local storage. Users can view and edit cart. Users can place orders and view order history and past order details.

⚒ Built With

Bot-Buddies's frontend was built using modular React components and styled with CSS. We built the backend using Express.JS, Sequelize and PostgreSQL and deployed the app on Heroku.

Node.js Javascript React React-Redux HTML/CSS Express.js Sequelize

🚀 Deployment

This website was deployed using Heroku.