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Keras bindings for Pharo. This binding allows to use Keras (implemented in Python) within Pharo. For the Pharo programmer, the fact that Keras is written in Python is completely transparent.

Installing KerasWrapper

The following code loads the KerasWrapper in Pharo:

Gofer it
    smalltalkhubUser: 'ainfante' project: 'Keras-Wrapper';
    configurationOf: 'KerasWrapper';

You then needs to install Python, TensorFlow, and Keras. In the help menu, we provide detalled instruction on how to do so.

Simple Example

Here is the XOR simple example in Pharo

inputs := {{0 . 0}.
	{0 . 1}.
	{1 . 0}.
	{1 . 1}}.
expectedOutputs := {0 . 1 . 1 . 0}.
model := KNSequentialModel inputDim: 2.
model add: (KNDenseLayer neurons: 8).
model add: KNTanHActivation new.
model add: (KNDenseLayer neurons: 1).
model add: KNSigmoidActivation new.
model compileLoss: KNBinaryCrossentropyLoss new optimizer: (KNSGDOptimizer new learningRate: 0.1).
fitData := (model
		fit: inputs
		labels: expectedOutputs
		epochs: 200) waitForValue.

Evaluating the code produce the following: simple xor

The Pharo code given above is inspired from the pure python version