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Roassal2 is a visualization engine for the Pharo and VisualWorks programming language and environment. Extensive documentation is available on


The distribution of Roassal for VisualWorks is in the Cincom public store. Simply look for roassal2-full on the public store. Note that your need to have the Cairo libraries installed along with the VisualWorks installation.

Pharo 8 & Pharo 9

Execute the following code snippet to load Roassal2 in a fresh Pharo 8 or Pharo 9 image:

Metacello new
    baseline: 'Roassal2';
    repository: 'github://ObjectProfile/Roassal2/src';

You can also load Roassal2 from the Pharo Catalog browser.

If you have a local copy of Roassal, you can do the following:

Metacello new
  baseline: 'Roassal2';
  repository: 'gitlocal:///Users/alexandrebergel/Dropbox/GitRepos/Roassal2' ;

If you wish to set a dependency to Roassal2 in your application, you simply need to add in your baseline:

spec baseline: 'Roassal2' with: [ 
				spec repository: 'github://ObjectProfile/Roassal2/src' ].

Pharo 7

Roassal2 is frozen for Pharo 7. You can load it using:

Metacello new 
    baseline: 'Roassal2'; 
    repository: 'github://ObjectProfile/Roassal2:pharo7/src'; 

Pharo 6.1

You can load Roassal in Pharo 6.1 using the following script:

Gofer it
    smalltalkhubUser: 'ObjectProfile' project: 'Roassal2';
    configurationOf: 'Roassal2';
    loadVersion: '1.59'