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Cake.Deploy.Bot.LUIS Build status

Cake addin for publishing a LUIS app.

How to add Cake.Deploy.Bot.LUIS

In order to use this package add the following line in your addin section:

#addin "Cake.Deploy.Bot.LUIS"

In order to use specific version of addin:

#addin nuget:?package=Cake.Deploy.Bot.LUIS&version=0.0.1

This package has a dependency on a Newtosoft.Json >= 10.0.3 package, that must be added manually to Cake script or loaded by Cake dependency resolving mechanism. To use Cake dependency loading:

  • Add folowinng lines to cake.config

or to load dependencies for selected packages only, use following sections

  • cake.config
  • addin section in Cake script
#addin nuget:?package=Cake.Deploy.Bot.LUIS&loaddependencies=true

How to use Cake.Deploy.Bot.LUIS

By default, addin will use API for, if is preferred, pass an additional "region" parameter with value "westus".

#addin nuget:?package=Cake.Deploy.Bot.LUIS&version=0.0.1

Task("Publish LUIS app")
        var subscriptionKey = "123-abc-321";
        var appName = "exampleApp";
        var appVersion = "0.1";
        var pathToJsonApp = "examplePath\\app.json"
        var region = "westus";

        var endpoint = DeployLuisApp(subscriptionKey, appName, appVersion,  pathToJsonApp, region);
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