JMeter Aggregate Report

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Generates aggregate report basing on JMeter JTL file.




  • Report generation options:
    • Detailed report - when checked additional tab with JMeter detailed report will be displayed (note this only works only if .jtl file in in .xml format as it uses xslt transform).
    • Aggregate report - when checked additional tab with JMeter aggregate report will be displayed (generated by [JMeterPluginsCMD)(
    • Publish Aggregate Report as Teamcity Tests - when checked, specific aggregate values will be published as TeamCity tests, which will make them available for trending (see parameter Teamcity Tests).
  • Path to JMeter - path to root of JMeter directory (must be available on agent).
  • Path to JTL file - path to the JTL file with the report source data. Can be .xml or .csv, but Detailed report will not work for .csv.


  • Path to java - path to java.exe that will be used by JMeter CMDRunner (leave empty for java.exe from path).
  • Path to PerfMon results - input PerfMon file that will be parsed to generate PerfMon graph.
  • Aggregate Report - warning thresholds - thresholds that will be used to mark cells red in aggregate report table, e.g. Average=3000,Median=2000.
  • Timeout (in seconds) for CMDRunner process - 0 = no timeout.
  • CMDRunner cmd lines - newline-delimited list of additional command lines for CMDRunner, e.g. to generate additional graphs. You can use {jtlPath}, {perfMonPath} and {outputDir} placeholders.
  • Enabled - put false if this whole step should not run.

Optional, used only i Publish Aggregate Report as Teamcity Tests is enabled:

  • Teamcity Tests - maximum error threshold - if error% is greater than this value, test will be marked as failed.
  • Teamcity Tests - include TOTAL row - if enabled, TOTAL row will be also reported as test.
  • Teamcity Tests - columns to report as categories - list of aggregate values that should be reported as TeamCity tests (e.g. Median + 90Line).


Aggregate report:

TeamCity tests:

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