JMeter start

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Starts JMeter in foreground or background. If run in background, you can use JMeter wait to wait until JMeter tests finish. You can measure times of functional tests with simulated load using following steps:

  • Start JMeter in background.
  • Run your tests (e.g. NUnit).
  • Wait for JMeter / kill after several seconds (JMeter wait).



  • Path to JMeter - path to root JMeter directory.
  • Path to JMX file - path to JMeter JMX file (input).
  • Path to JTL file - path to JMeter JTL file (output).


  • Path to java - path to java.exe that will be used by JMeter (leave empty for java.exe from path).
  • JMeter Properties - comma-delimited JMeter properties (e.g. host=localhost,threads=1).
  • Additional JMeter command line - additional string that will be passed to JMeter command line.
  • Run in background - if checked, JMeter process will run in background.
  • Time to wait - time to wait (in seconds) after starting JMeter process. After this time it will be ensured that JMeter process is still running. Ignored if not run in background.
  • Enabled - put false if this whole step should not run.
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