C# Framework to automate tests using Selenium WebDriver
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C# Framework to automate tests using Selenium WebDriver

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Test Framework was designed in Objectivity to propose common way how people should create Selenium WebDriver tests.

Project API documentation can be found here: http://objectivityltd.github.io/Test.Automation

It provides following features:

  • Ready for parallel tests execution, more details here
  • Possibility to use MSTest, NUnit or xUNIT framework
  • Specflow ready
  • Written entirely in C#
  • Contains example projects how to use it
  • Allows to use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer
  • Overrides browser profile preferences, pass arguments to browsers, installs browser extensions, loading default firefox profile, more details here
  • Extends Webdriver by additional methods like JavaScriptClick, WaitForAjax, WaitForAngular, etc., more details here
  • Automatically waits when locating element for specified time and conditions,GetElement method instead of Selenium FindElement, more details here
  • Page Object Pattern
  • Support for SeleniumGrid, Cross browser parallel test execution with SauceLab, TestingBot and Browserstack more details here, Advanced Browser Capabilities and Options more details here
  • More common locators, e.g: "//*[@title='{0}' and @ms.title='{1}']", more details here
  • Several methods to interact with kendo controls, more details here
  • Verify - asserts without stop tests, more details here
  • Measures average and 90 Percentile action times, more details here
  • DataDriven tests from Xml, Csv and Excel files for NUnit and Xml, Csv for MSTest with examples, more details NUnit, MsTest
  • Possibility to take full desktop, browser screen shot or screenshot of element - Visual Testing, save page source, more details here
  • Logging with NLog, EventFiringWebDriver logs, more details here
  • Files downloading (Firefox, Chrome), more details here
  • Possibility to send SQL or MDX queries
  • Possibility of debugging framework installed from nuget package, more details here.
  • AngularJS support, more details here.
  • Possiblity to check for JavaScript errors from browser, more details here.

For all documentation, visit the Test.Automation Wiki.

Projects examples of using Test Framework :

  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.Angular for AngularJS
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.Features for Specflow
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.MsTest for MsTest
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.NUnit for NUnit
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.xUnit for xUnit
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.PageObjects for Page Object Pattern
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.Documentation.shfbproj for building API documentation
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.CloudProviderCrossBrowser for cross browser parallel test execution with BrowserStack\SauceLabs\TestingBot\SeleniumGrid
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.UnitTests for unit test of framework

NUnit Example Test:

namespace Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.NUnit.Tests
    using global::NUnit.Framework;

    using Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.PageObjects.PageObjects.TheInternet;

    public class JavaScriptAlertsTestsNUnit : ProjectTestBase
        public void ClickJsAlertTest()
            var internetPage = new InternetPage(this.DriverContext).OpenHomePage();
            var jsAlertsPage = internetPage.GoToJavaScriptAlerts();
            Assert.AreEqual("You successfuly clicked an alert", jsAlertsPage.ResultText);

NUnit Example Page Object:

namespace Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.PageObjects.PageObjects.TheInternet
    using System;
    using System.Globalization;

    using NLog;

    using Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common;
    using Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.Extensions;
    using Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.Types;
    using Objectivity.Test.Automation.Tests.PageObjects;

    public class InternetPage : ProjectPageBase
        private static readonly Logger Logger = LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger();

        /// <summary>
        /// Locators for elements
        /// </summary>
        private readonly ElementLocator
            linkLocator = new ElementLocator(Locator.CssSelector, "a[href='/{0}']");

        public InternetPage(DriverContext driverContext) : base(driverContext)

        public JavaScriptAlertsPage GoToJavaScriptAlerts()
            return new JavaScriptAlertsPage(this.DriverContext);

Where to start?

Checkout the code or get it from nuget.org

  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.NUnit NuGet Badge
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.Features NuGet Badge
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.MsTest NuGet Badge
  • Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.xUnit NuGet Badge