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Memsource integration for Kirby CMS
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Memsource integration for Kirby

This plugin allows you to translate your entire site content in the powerful TMS Memsource:

  • Create Memsource jobs with great control over what's exported
  • Import Memsource jobs with reports for what has changed
  • Functionality to capture the state of your site and use it as a reference so you can later export only the differences
  • Great control over the exported format of fields via kirby-outsource
  • Functionality to translate language variables via kirby-variables
  • Support for the Kirby Editor
Exporting Content Importing Translations
export demo import demo


With Composer:

composer require oblik/kirby-memsource

Sign up for a developer account in Memsource.


You can specify how each filed type should be exported for translation. For example, if you have a field formatted in YAML, you can specify that YAML should be parsed on export and encoded on import like this:

    type: myfield
        yaml: true

If you don't want to specify that for each occurrence of the myfield field type, use config.php:

return [
    'oblik.memsource.fields' => [
        'myfield' => [
            'serialize' => [
                'yaml' => true

For more information on that, refer to the kirby-outsource documentation.

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