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Oblique Gym Rules

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Welcome to the Oblique gyms! The gyms here are meant to be an introduction to competitive play have a normal mode and a level 100 advanced difficulty. This page will give you everything you need to know about the gyms, along with some pointers for getting started.


  1. Players may refight a gym once every 12 hours, excluding Ground normal which has a 8 hour cooldown between fights. Gym Leaders are allowed to accept fights before the cooldown expires however this is up to them. Please do not hound them.
  2. Borrowed Pokemon will result in an instant disqualification.
  3. Players must show the normal badge to challenge advanced.
  4. Selling of gym badges is forbidden.
  5. Players' Pokemon may be 5 levels higher than the gym leaders' Pokemon in Normal Vanha gyms.
  6. Players must disable leveling before challenging the gym. To do this go to your Pokemon's summary and above the level button click the L and click "Yes". Do this for each Pokemon.
  7. Mega Evolution is banned in the Vanha normal gyms and Heill's first two gyms.
  8. Using the bag option is banned.
  9. Z-Moves are only allowed in advanced Vhanha and Heill gyms. Attacking Z-moves only. Kommonium Z is banned.
  10. Causing an infinite battle is banned.
  11. Illegally evolved Pokemon are banned (Example: A level 25 Floatzel even though it evolves at 26).
  12. Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts are banned in all normal Vhanha gym fights.
  13. Players may use 1 legendary/mythical/ultra beast on their team when fighting Vanha advanced and the 5th and 6th Heill gyms. You may use 2 in the 7th and 8th Heill gym. Please check the banned Pokemon list to see illegal Pokemon.


  1. OHKO Moves
  2. Double Team/Minimize
  3. F.E.A.R. of any form
  4. Baton Pass
  5. Battle Bond Greninja may only be used in Heill gyms starting from the 5th one
  6. Species Clause (Players can't have 2 or more Pokemon of the same dex number. For example, a player can have a Slowbro and a Slowking but can't have multiple Rotoms, regardless of form.)
  7. Sleep Clause (If a player has already put a Pokemon on his/her opponent's side to sleep and it is still sleeping, another one can't be put to sleep.)


  1. Aegislash
  2. Gengar-Mega
  3. Blaziken (includes mega)
  4. Kangaskhan-Mega
  5. Lucario-Mega
  6. Metagross-Mega
  7. Salamence-Mega
  8. Medicham-Mega
  9. Mawile-Mega


  1. Arceus
  2. Darkrai
  3. Deoxys
  4. Dialga
  5. Genesect
  6. Giratina
  7. Groudon
  8. Ho-Oh
  9. Hoopa-Unbound
  10. Kartana
  11. Kyogre
  12. Kyurem-White
  13. Lugia
  14. Lunala
  15. Magearna
  16. Marshadow
  17. Mewtwo
  18. Naganadel
  19. Necrozma Dawn Wings/Dusk Mane
  20. Palkia
  21. Pheromosa
  22. Reshiram
  23. Shaymin-Sky
  24. Solgaleo
  25. Tapu Lele
  26. Xerneas
  27. Yveltal
  28. Zekrom
  29. All Zygarde Forms
  30. Rayquaza (yes this includes mega)


You should EV train all your Pokemon. EV training can be summed up as defeating a specific Pokemon to raise a certain stat of your Pokemon. Pokemon that are easy to find include

  1. HP - Marill (Ione: 143, 97, -558)
  2. Attack - Arbok (Agni: -608, 38, -152)
  3. Defence - Sandslash (Agni: -641, 38, -126)
  4. Special Attack - Sunflora (Arvandor: 875, 70, 657)
  5. Special Defence - Hitmontop (Nogrod: -674, 107, -689)
  6. Speed - Basculin - (Agni: -620, 36, -50)

You can check your EVs by using /evs followed by the slot number. 255 is the maximum number of EVs you can put into a specific stat with every 4EVs raising the stat by 1 point (This assumes the Pokemon is level 100)

Smogon is an amazing site to learn about competitive play. You can use it to search up sets and EV spreads for any Pokemon in the game. Pokemon Showdown is a battling simulator where you can practice battling. You can utilize it to hone your battling skills.





Vanha Gym Info

  • Agni: Ground - Challenger's max level: 25
  • Nogrod: Electric - Challenger's max level: 35
  • Kuan-Ti: Dark - Challenger's max level: 45
  • Ione: Water - Challenger's max level: 55
  • Skadi: Ghost/Normal - Challenger's max level: 65
  • Arvandor: Bug/Rock - Challenger's max level: 75
  • Tesla: Poison/Flying - Challenger's max level: 85
  • Highrift: Dragon/Steel - Challenger's max level: 95

Heill Gym Info

  • Coldest Stone: Ice - Challenger's max level: 40
  • Resonating Terra: Ground - Challenger's max level: 50
  • Sleeping Sting: Poison - Challenger's max level: 60
  • Endless Night: Dark - Challenger's max level: 70
  • Time Lost: Grass/Water - Challenger's max level: 75
  • War: Bug/Steel - Challenger's max level: 85
  • Snapping Dragon Dojo: Fairy/Fighting - Challenger's max level: 95
  • Final Flight: Electric/Flying - Challenger's max level: 100
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