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Elite Four Challenge #259

Archenemis opened this issue Jun 8, 2019 · 2 comments


2 participants
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commented Jun 8, 2019

Suggested something for the more casual. Now I want to suggest something for the more hardcore and those who have completed the Gyms.

The Elite four Challenge.. I've already seen this was suggested a while back, but I've a little bit of a different idea on how to do it.

First the requirements for challenging the Elite Four are to have beaten all of the gyms and obtained all of the badges. Simple enough. But.. I desire to make the challenge actually genuinely difficult to beat.

The challenge would be to do the Elite Four Challenge in single run. A Gauntlet. The team the Challenger uses, can't be changed. And initially my thought is to disallow the use of even items. The idea is to make this challenge grueling in difficulty and to only ever have the champion be challenged once every so often.

Most of the previous rules for Gyms and such stay in tact.

If the Champion stays on his throne for so long, Then something like.. Items could be permitted.. or one healing checkpoint could be allowed.

I'll list and section things off a bit to make it easier to collect and read.

Elite Four:

  • Should be able to be challenged in any order.
  • Can't heal with items during battle against them. (Or perhaps even outside of battle)
  • May come equipped with a Legendary and an Uber mon. (To be noted. They may have one of each of these things. If the Legendary they pick is also an Uber, it takes up both of these slots.
  • (Is a maybe) 6 different types: Ice, fire, Dark, Ghost, Bug, and Normal. Giving Challengers some options and strategy they can go for to increase odds slightly for success. If it proves too easy, dual typing could be allowed (Like the last four gyms.)
  • Perhaps could receive a stipend for activity and actively accepting battles
  • Will be more than four of them to increase availability and allow players to challenge more of them.


  • Will use the same team that they defeated the Elite Four with.
  • Rewards given may be subject to change by the admins and be based on what they feel is fair. But I personally would like for it to be a very generous reward that gets people interested in trying for it.. And gives a little bit of a reward based on how long you keep the title for as well.
  • If Defeated will give up their title as champion and give it to the Challenger.
  • Champions will get a title to show their status and position.
  • Ex-Champions "Might" get a title too.
  • Champions that have lost or Challengers that beat the Elite Four, but lost to the Champion, may be considered for Elite Four Members.
  • Will have a long cooldown before they can challenge the Elite Four again.


  • Will use the same pokemon through the whole challenge.
  • Will be unable to heal normally (Except through use of moves that heal.)
  • PP restoration "Might" be enabled.. since it'd be preferred to not have a PP drain cause someone to lose the whole challenge
  • May come equipped with a Legendary and an Uber mon. (To be noted. They may have one of each of these things. If the Legendary they pick is also an Uber, it takes up both of these slots.
  • Will be able to heal before facing the champion.
  • Must defeat four of the Elite Four before being eligible to face the Champion.
  • Will not have access to teleportation or any other means of getting out of the Elite Four's zone until they have completed it or given up or lost.
  • Will have a cooldown placed on them before they can challenge the Elite Four again after losing.
  • Might be able to receive a small cash reward for each Elite Four they defeat.

I'd like to give sort of descriptions of how I envision this working:
You enter through a portal that only works if you've defeated all 8 gyms and obtained all 8 badges. If you'd lost and are on cooldown for challenging the Elite four, you can't even enter.

This all takes place in a new world, or to the very least.. a place sectioned off from normal access. Sort of like Going to Ultra Space. Entering this area, you're only allowed to bring with you your six pokemon. You can't leave through commands, you can't exit or use items in this area. Finding a way to do so instantly disqualifies you. The items on your pokemon are kept, but any other items you had on you are gone in this world.

You will enter into an area that represents the Types of the Elite four's Members. And an arena for each type to fight in. Ideally the challenger will also face a different Elite Four Member for each type they do. You will have to go and defeat Four of the types in order to enter into the final room.

The last room, will contain two healers, an arena, and it will have an area to commemorate past champions who have won the Elite Four Challenge. It may also have statues of the champions teams and if it has areas for past champions to be remembered, they will also have a star pokemon chosen to represent them. There will be only so much room in this area though, and as such, only so many of the previous Champions will be shown. They could be ranked by who has the highest victory count as champion. Or by who held it the longest. or just.. in the order that they obtained it.

If a champion isn't taken down for so long, Then Item use could be enabled outside of combat, or a one time heal checkpoint could be enabled.. But the idea of this is to create a challenge that is so difficult, that a little bit of a luck is necessary to even pull it off.. And that the champion won't just be changed repeatedly or people fight over the champions throne all day long.

It would also be appropriate to try and set things up so that an Elite Four member could do the challenge as well if they desire. Elite Four Members would be composed of players of the game, as such.. They'd like a shot at being champion too still yet.

If possible and to prevent hang ups from becoming a huge issue. I would also like it if the challengers teams were saved upon entering the portal. Perhaps a record being kept of what they entered with. Challenger could also leave through the portal, and their team be saved as it is upon exiting through it. Enabling them to return through the portal again later on and finish their challenge off. Worst case scenario.. a screenshot could be taken and the player could promise to keep that team in its current condition to finish the challenge later.. But if possible.. I like the idea of their team getting saved and their progress being saved specifically to that world while they are there and upon losing, they're ejected from the realm and put on cooldown.

Also.. I see no reason why this couldn't be used for both Stratos and Terra. Doing so would likely increase the pool of people we could use for Elite Four Members. And increase availability for Challenges.. Though.. It could also end up leading to a rather heavy start as there'd be twice as many challengers coming through the doors on the opening day.. It would also technically end up being its own server if it was to host both Stratos and Terra members.. But.. I've got other ideas that could involve both servers.. This world could be used for future ideas and events that could involve both servers. And the portals used to return home would decide which server you take the rewards back to.. Though pre-requisites would need to be met before obtaining titles and such.. But the notion of both servers doing this together, is more just me talking.. and likely too messy in actual use to try and pull off.. so perhaps stick to just Stratos on this.

Also. If you've made it this far through the suggestion. Thank you for reading it all first off. And second.. I'm open to suggestions or changes here and there. Some I've talked to about the idea have said that they prefer the use of items between battles being allowed. Some have suggested other things. Feel free to tweak and play with the idea yourselves some.. This suggestion is open to suggestions.


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commented Jun 9, 2019

I do like your way of thinking about the elite four with champion. But I think it's to plain and a bit straight forward. Challenging the elite four has to be a accomplishment on it's own. A couple of months back I gave my own idea on the elite four with champion (#137).

I'm looking it from another perspective, the perspective of how it would go in the anime. There you can't challenge the elite four without beating the League. Instead of how it goes in the Pokémon games. Where you just simply beat the gyms and move towards the elite four and champion.

And what you are asking for another world, that would be just hard. As well being impossible if i'm correct. For the screenshots, that's a good point. But that's only from the clientside. So the challenger has to send his screenshot to the elite four. But I do think that if they can challenge the elite four, they should have room to heal their mons. Otherwise there will be a huge disadvantage for the challenger and almost impossible to complete the elite four.

The last point I'm going to make, is about the legends. I can't recall one elite four member that has a legend mon. So if you are trying to say this is a unique thing of our elite 4, I'm fine with it. But can they use all kinds of legends? No exceptions, for example primal Kyogre or primal Groudon?

I like your starting point!


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commented Jun 9, 2019

They can use either a legend or an Uber mon. Or a legendary Uber. Meaning that they could say.. bring in an articuno and a blaziken. Or they could bring in a marshadow which takes up both the Uber and legendary slot and the rest of their team be OU.

And to be honest. It is a more special twist for our elite four. Our server’s gym challenge is a competitive take on gyms. So our Elite Four should be even stronger. It also gives some official server use for Ubers and legends/ultra beasts.

The other side to enabling the use of an Uber and a legend is kind of a nod to some of the old OU tournaments. Where they would sometimes allow the use of one Uber. And there were Uber tournaments (as well as VGC) that allowed the use of a banned poke. So the added rule for it is more so a nod to those. And a way to give people a feel for the smogon tourneys that they would sometimes have. (These rule sets are not always allowed)

When I saw your idea for the elite four. I did like it. And I liked that it was a huge nod to the anime. There wasn’t much I did not like to be honest. However the server may not have enough players to produce a particularly entertaining amount of challengers let alone enough who are eligible for it. And not everyone is available at all times of the day. It can make running a tourney sort of setting a problem and there may be those who really really want to go, but can’t be there for the times they need to be for their matches.

I feel like there could be some sort of ground where there could be an inbetween.. like making it so players have to complete a 3v3 against another player and win before going through. This would have to be done through something server side (like an NPC or machine matches the players for battle and has them pick 3 and fight for entry to the elite four)or with a moderator watching though otherwise it could be a mess..

Do want to say that.. I also personally feel like screenshots to continue from where you are is a little weak.. and if possible to setup a method to save the Pokémon when they leave would be best.. but if neither of these is a real option. Then it could still be done on a “in a single run” basis.

The separate world bit could be for an event world of sorts, but it could also be possible to make it so the only point of entry and exit is through the portals and it be placed somewhere in the overworld. I’m more just trying to think of methods to get this to work in a way that others can’t cheat the system.

My intent with this though is: if we can’t have it setup to be more tournament like. Then we can make it an incredibly difficult and nearly impossible task to pull off (though realistically.. it’s likely more possible than you think)

There’s room for changes in a few places.. like for instance.. could give them a sort of league challenge like you were suggesting, but instead of them needing to win it each time, they get “challenger” status and can go into the elite four that I suggested they face at their own leisure. Losing would still incur a cooldown though and they could come back. All the same rules I mentioned would apply, just would have to face a more time friendly version of the league you envisioned.

Just issues with that would arise later down the road as a lack of players doing the “league” challenge comes about it would be a roadblock for newer players coming to it.

Overall though, the way I envision it is a rather tall order, might not be doable, but I think giving players something to fight and strive for after the gyms would be extremely helpful and keep player interest.

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