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Updated legendary biome page with gen 7 legends + any legend biome changes. #330

SecEntity opened this issue Nov 17, 2019 · 0 comments


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@SecEntity SecEntity commented Nov 17, 2019

I've noticed that the legendary spawn biome page on the github was outdated for quite a while. I updated/changed it to show gen 7 legends that were missing and any changes that were done to some legend spawn locations within the server. I've kept the format and left it in alphabetical order so it's easier to edit the actual page.

Name Time(s) Weather Location Biome(s)
Articuno Night Any Air Ice Mountains, Cold Taiga Hills
Azelf Morning Any Water Forest
Celebi Morning Any Land Sunflower Plains, Flower Forest
Cobalion Dawn/Dusk Any Land Forest Hills, Birch Forest Hills
Cosmog Dawn/Dusk Any Land Sunflower Plains
Cresselia Night - Moon Phase 0 (Full Moon) Any Land Birch Forest M
Darkrai Night - Moon Phase 4 (New Moon) Any Land Roofed Forest M
Deoxys Morning Any Land Cold Taiga M
Dialga Night Rain Land Extreme Hills, Extreme Hills+, Extreme Hills M+
Diancie Morning Any Underground y≤50 All Extreme Hills
Entei Day Any Land All Extreme Hills
Genesect Night Any Land Extreme Hills+
Giratina Night Any Air Mesa
Groudon Day Clear Land Desert Hills
Heatran Any Any Underground y≤50 near lava All Mesas
Ho-Oh Night Any Air Mesa Plateau, Mesa Plateau F
Hoopa Afternoon Any Land Desert Hills, Desert M, Desert, Ultra Desert
Jirachi Dawn/Dusk Any Land Extreme Hills+ M
Keldeo Day Any Land River
Kyogre Night Any Water Deep Ocean
Kyurem Dawn/Dusk Any Land Ice Plains Spikes
Landorus Dawn/Dusk Any Land Mesa Plateau F M
Latias Dawn Any Air Ocean
Latios Dusk Any Air Ocean
Lugia Night Any Air Frozen Ocean
Magearna Day Any Land Mushroom Island
Manaphy Morning Clear Water Ocean, Deep Ocean
Marshadow Night Any Land Mesa Plateau F M
Meloetta Night Any Land Flower Forest, Sunflower Plains
Meltan Any Any Land Smelting Metal Ores
Mesprit Dawn/Dusk Any Water All Forests
Mew Day Any Land Jungle M
Moltres Afternoon Any Air Desert Hills
Necrozma Night Any Land Roofed Forest
Palkia Day Clear Land Cold Beach, Stone Beach
Raikou Dawn/Dusk Any Land All Savannas
Rayquaza Dawn/Dusk Any Air All Extreme Hills
Regice Morning Any Underground y≤50 All Cold/Freezing Biomes
Regigigas Dawn/Dusk Any Underground y≤40 All Savannas
Regirock Afternoon Any Underground y≤50 All Mesas
Registeel Dawn/Dusk Any Underground y≤50 All Extreme HIlls
Reshiram Day Any Land Redwood Taiga HIlls M
Shaymin Morning Any Land Flower Forest
Suicune Night Any Land All Beaches, Ultra Deep Sea
Tapu Bulu Day Any Land Jungle
Tapu Fini Dusk Any Land Jungle
Tapu Koko Dawn Any Land Jungle
Tapu Lele Night Any Land Jungle
Terrakion Night Any Land Forest Hills, Birch Forest Hills
Thundurus Morning Storm Land Sunflower Plains, Plains
Tornadus Afternoon Rain Land Sunflower Plains, Plains
Type: Null Dawn/Dusk Any Land Jungle Edge
Uxie Afternoon Any Water Roofed Forest
Victini Day Clear Land All Savannas
Virizion Day Any Land Forest Hills, Birch Forest Hills
Volcanion Dawn/Dusk Any Land Desert M
Xerneas Day Any Land Roofed Forest
Yveltal Night Any Air Taiga M
Zapdos Day Any Air Savanna
Zekrom Night Any Land Redwood Taiga Hills M
Zeraora Dusk Any Land Beaches, Ultra Deep Sea
Zygarde Dawn/Dusk Any Land Extreme Hills M
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