Landlord Commands

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Map Commands

  • /map - Shows a map in chat with claims, use the automap flag to bring up a sidebar that auto-updates the map

Town Commands

  • /town (create/new) (name) - Creates the town.

  • /claim - Claims the entire chunk that you're standing in for your town. If it is the first chunk that your town claims, it also sets the town home there. To buy more chunks for your town, there is an NPC at /warp buyclaims to talk to, cost is $500 per chunk

  • /town sethome - Sets the town home. Note that your first town chunk that you claim will automatically be the town's home.

  • /town setcolor <Red 0-255> <Blue 0-255> <Green 0-255> - Sets the color of your town for those to see in dynmap, your town's chat tag will also change to the closest Minecraft chat color value. A list of RGB values can be found here

  • /town invite (name) - Invites the player to your town.

  • /town kick (name) - Kicks the player from your town.

  • /town info (name) - Shows the info of your town, type in another town's name to see their info.

  • /town chat - Sends a message to your town's chat, only your town members can see this chat. Leave the message empty to toggle between townchat and normal chat. /tc (message) will also work and is a better shorthand

  • /town promote (name) - Promotes a user within your town to executive rank, giving him permissions to make plots, claim for the town, manage the town wallet, and invite/kick members.

  • /town demote (name) - Demotes a player from executive rank.

  • /town setleader (name) - Sets the new mayor for your town.

  • /town balance - Shows town balance, and gives a thing to click on to see recent transactions. In the event the town is disbanded, all money in the town wallet will go to the mayor.

  • /town deposit (amount) - Deposits money into town bank.

  • /town withdraw (amount) - Withdraws money from the town bank.

  • /town (delete/disband/unmake/erase) - Disbands the town, and unclaims everything it had. Any money in your town bank will go to the mayor.

  • /town mutiny - Attempts to start a democratic revolution where a large majority of the players must vote the mayor out of town, if passed, the mayor will be demoted and whoever started the mutiny will become the new mayor. Glorious revolution awaits, comrade.

Plots commands

  • /plot create (price) - Creates a plot for the town members to buy/claim. Only the plot owner can edit their own plot. This supports both 2D and 3D modes. If there is no price entered, the plot will be free. Money from bought plots will go into the town bank.

  • /plot create open (price) - Creates a plot for the anyone, even outsiders from a town, to purchase.

  • /plot claim/buy - Claims or buys the plot.

  • /plot price (price) - Sets the plot's price

  • /plot trust (name) - Trusts a player to your plot, even people who are not in your town.

  • /plot untrust/distrust (name) - Untrusts a player from your plot.

  • /plot evict (name) - Executives and up can use this to evict a player from his/her plot

  • /plot (trusted/trustlist/list) - Shows who is trusted to your plot

  • /plot unclaim - The plot owner can use this command to unclaim the plot.

  • /plot (wipe/delete) - Executives and up can use this command to delete plots

  • /plot showborder - Shows the plot border with particle effects

Outpost Commands

Note: Only executives and up have permission to create and claim town outposts, and the number of outposts you can have are limited by the size of your town. Any land that's not connected to your town's claim must be claimed with an outpost.

  • /outpost create/make (name) - Creates an outpost and claims the chunk you're standing in.

  • /outpost home - Sets the outpost home

  • /outpost sethome - Sets the outpost's home

  • /outpost list/view - Lists the outposts your town has

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