Oblique Terra: Quest, RPG-MMO Pixelmon server.
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The Oblique Network

Making Pixelmon Great Again since a year ago, give or take

Terra: Quests & Adventure and Survival Pixelmon server.

Terra is one of the first of its kind: a Pixelmon adventure/survival hybrid. Featuring countless plugins like Quests, MMO-Pixelmon Skills, Trivia and Player-Gyms, it has always aimed higher. Through this wiki, we hope you will come to learn about more than the shiny plugins - you will learn about the continent's lore, the towns' history and the endless storylines that populate Oblique's Terra.


  • Is there an enjin where I can find IPs, pictures, and latest news?

No! And that's because we got something better. Enjin has historically bad displays and support, so we have taken this task onto ourselves and created our own website. The tracker has been redirected to Github (see below) and the Forums interactions are now through Discord. It's better that way- it makes it easier to post memes.

  • You said you don't believe in P2W... is there then no shop for Oblique?

There is. EULA-compliant, our webshop is tailored to suit the sparkly, shiny and fabulous you. We have 4 permanent, paid ranks, and item bundles to pretty up your gameplay. Secure checkout is done through Buycraft. Start shopping here.

  • Where can I report an issue or suggest an improvement to the server?

We would adore you till the end of time if you would write up a nice ticket on our tracker.

  • Where would I find a Pixelmon guide?

The PixelmonMod wiki reigns supreme, and should always be used when you need to find Pokémon information.

  • I still feel like a Charmander in the rain... lost and abandoned. Where do I get more help?

The very best place to find help is to join our Discord, where there is always a staffer online willing to answer your help! All ranks have staffers positioned all over timezones, so you are sure to find someone.