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Once a simple oasis used as a camping site for ore hauling caravans, this ‘Jewel of the Desert’ has grown into a sprawling town. Traditionally, it is the first gym town trainers encounter on their journey, making the gym leaders here to be the busiest of their kind. However, they are also known for their words of wisdom and helpful tips that last throughout a trainer’s career. Formerly, the Gym was based around Fire type Pokemon. This has changed recently, however, the old tradition of guarding the Everlasting Flame beneath the gym is still carried out by former Fire gym leaders. Centered on the oasis waters, the town consists of an Inn and several stores. The Gym is located on the North edge of town near the PokeCenter. Recently, there has been a discovery of ruins within the town. As of this writing they are still being excavated and studied.

Coordinates: -625, 40, -50

Unique Areas

A rare Mesa biome setting in an oasis home to many, Agni encompasses sandy clay mountains and some sparse vegetation it also houses archaeological dig sites, a collection of corridors under the Agni Gym, many open fires designed for the alleviation of trash as well as an oasis in the center of the town.

Notable Features

Ground Gym

Agni is home to the ground type Gym, located in the north of the town. The gym's Pokemon will all be level 20. Challenger's pokemon may be up to level 25. Players who managed to defeat one of the gym leaders here will receive the Quake Badge, which is needed to challenge the Rock Gym in Nogrod.

Ground Pokemon are weak against Ice, Water, and Grass attacks. Keep that in mind when building a team to take on the gym.

Pokémon Spawning

These will not be the only wild Pokemon you will see in Agni, but the following are Pokemon that have a spawner in the town or that you will otherwise see the most of.

  • Solrock - 2 ATTACK EV
  • Dugtrio - 2 SPEED EV
  • Graveler - 2 DEFENSE EV
  • Aipom - 1 SPEED EV
  • Trapinch - 1 ATTACK EV


Move Tutor

Agni is home to a Move Tutor, located at coordinates -688, 56, -110, On the western edge of the town. This NPC will charge the player orbs as currency for his services.


Move Attack Type Typing Power Accuracy Effect Cost
Blast Burn Special Fire 150 90% Inflicts damage and then forces the user to recharge during the next turn. 4 Orbs
Drill Run Physical Ground 80 95% The user crashes into its target while rotating its body like a drill. Critical hits land more easily. 3 Orbs
Earth Power Special Ground 90 100% The user makes the ground under the target erupt with power. May also lower the target's Sp. Def. 3 Orbs
Fire Pledge Special Fire 80 100% In double battles has additional effects when used in conjunction with Grass Pledge or Water Pledge. 1 Orb
Heat Wave Special Fire 95 90% 10% chance to inflict burn. 3 Orbs


Agni Pokemart

Agni's Pokemart is located on the east side of the town. The 'Agni Inn' is located near the center of the town, and has an identical stock. These shops are particularly notable for selling the Fire Stone. This shop's specialty Poke'balls are the Repeat Ball and the Fast Ball.

Agni's Pokemart stock

sprite Item Price
. Poke Ball ₽38
. Great Ball ₽75
. Ultra Ball ₽150
. Repeat Ball ₽50
. Fast Ball ₽50
. Potion ₽50
. Super Potion ₽100
. Hyper Potion ₽200
. Full Heal ₽100
. Revive ₽500
. Sandstone ₽25
. Chiseled Sandstone ₽25
. Smooth Sandstone ₽25
. Red Sand ₽100
. Red Sandstone ₽400
. Chiseled Red Sandstone ₽400
. Smooth Red Sandstone ₽400
. Terracotta ₽5
. Cactus ₽9
. Fire Stone ₽3000
. TM:37 Sandstorm ₽7500
. TM:28 Dig ₽2500
. TM:43 Flame Charge ₽5000
. TM:11 Sunny Day ₽7500
. TM:138 Mud Slap ₽2500
. TM:61 Will-O-Wisp ₽7500
. Glazed Terracotta ₽25
View sold TMs in detail
Move Attack Type Typing Power Accuracy Effect
TM:11 Sunny Day Status Fire -- -- Sets the battle's weather to Sunny
TM:28 Dig Physical Ground 80 100% Dig hole, avoiding most attacks. then attacks the second turn
TM:61 Will-O-Wisp Status Fire -- 85% Inflicts a Burn on the target.
TM:138 Mud Slap Special Ground 20 100% Lowers the target's accuracy.

Fishing shop

Agni is home to a fishing shop, located in the south-west corner of the town.

Fishing shop stock

sprite Item Price
Cooked Fish ₽75
Fishing Rod ₽100
Old Rod ₽100
Any Boat ₽25


A bakery is located on the southern edge of the town.

Bakery Stock

sprite Item Price
. Cake ₽210
. Cookie ₽10
. Pumpkin Pie ₽120
. Bread ₽75

Oblique Terra


Gym Info

  • Agni: Ground - Challenger's max level: 25
  • Nogrod: Rock - Challenger's max level: 35
  • Kuan-Ti: Fighting - Challenger's max level: 45
  • Skadi: Ghost - Challenger's max level: 55
  • Ione: Water - Challenger's max level: 65
  • Arvandor: Fairy - Challenger's max level: 75
  • Tesla: Psychic - Challenger's max level: 85
  • Highrift: Flying - Challenger's max level: 95
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