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Legendary Riddles

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Riddle needed.


Good and evil, a battle fueled by strength of will. An adept hand in training, and the art of the kill. Does your spirit possess the balance and beauty of the lotus flower? The Master of Kuan-Ti shall test your willpower.


A man and woman questionably insane. When a fairy was sighted in the greens of Arvandor.


Riddle needed.


In a world of reflection, but no mirror, The Betrayer sees through the darkness clearer. In a frozen inn you’ll find him yet, hidden in his fabled Oubliette.


Old towns fall, new towns arise. When the dragons awake, the grounds they quake.


On the path of the champions, a trial sits in the dark. The town in ruin and despair, on a journey you will embark.


Where the spirits thrive, neither dead nor alive. Where a Djinn waits to be freed, with the power to clench any mans greed.


In the freezing north, something stirs below the seafloor. You’ve looked to the skies and touched the earth, now listen to the ocean; hear its primal roar.


Riddle needed.

Mew & Mewtwo

Why do humans prevail when morals fail. What was the price, where peace meets ice.


From deep within the hollow, an inferno stirs anew. Scorching the sands, the palms, and splitting a family in two.


Where men do guard the safety of others, where creatures roam without their brothers. If tamed the first two, now the third is released. Travel there now and catch the Thunder Beast!


In ruins of long past lays the monster of wars long cast. Follow the footprints of the Flute retooled, and enter Ner-gal for secrets to unfold.


Riddle needed.


A sleeping creature in the flowery woods. But back in Arvandor, they are being sold as goods.


Riddle needed.

Xerneas & Yveltal

Whether it be the birth of new life, or the relentless tide of death, these beasts will shape the future of nature's solemn breath.


Displaced by change, it still seeks power. Chase the Lightning, rage grows by the hour.

Oblique Terra



Gym Info

  • Agni: Ground - Challenger's max level: 25
  • Nogrod: Rock - Challenger's max level: 35
  • Kuan-Ti: Fighting - Challenger's max level: 45
  • Ione: Water - Challenger's max level: 55
  • Skadi: Ghost - Challenger's max level: 65
  • Arvandor: Dark/Fairy - Challenger's max level: 75
  • Tesla: Poison/Flying - Challenger's max level: 85
  • Highrift: Dragon/Steel - Challenger's max level: 95
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