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Process block quotes earlier

This fixes an issue where a heading would follow a list with a single
item containing a block quote: the heading would be absorbed by the
block quote, and fail to get expanded (a similar failure happened with
standard Markdown, where the heading would still get expanded but still
appear within the blockquote).
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1 parent 9573fa2 commit 7f8cadeacfd9e7ba335e86aeebc8738693ce393a @Oblomov committed
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  lib/
2  lib/
@@ -464,10 +464,10 @@ sub _RunBlockGamut {
$text =~ s{^[ ]{0,2}([ ]? -[ ]?){3,}[ \t]*$}{\n<hr$g_settings{empty_element_suffix}\n}gmx;
$text =~ s{^[ ]{0,2}([ ]? _[ ]?){3,}[ \t]*$}{\n<hr$g_settings{empty_element_suffix}\n}gmx;
+ $text = _DoBlockQuotes($text);
$text = _DoDefinitionLists($text);
$text = _DoLists($text);
$text = _DoCodeBlocks($text);
- $text = _DoBlockQuotes($text);
# We already ran _HashHTMLBlocks() before, in Markdown(), but that
# was to escape raw HTML in the original Markdown source. This time,

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