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List-edit provides list-aware cut, copy, and paste operations that automatically handle separators and whitespace, while taking into account strings and comments. For example, to cut the first element from [Three, One, Two] and paste it at the end:

Single-line list edit

On list-cut the list element that contains the cursor is removed, together with its trailing separator and whitespace. After moving the cursor past the last element, list-paste inserts the cut element and puts a separator and whitespace in front of it. List-edit also works in a vertical layout and on multiple elements:

Multi-line list edit

And even between different lists (with yet another layout):

List-edit between lists edit

List-edit uses the grammar of the edited file to ignore strings and comments, but list detection takes place purely on a lexical level. Currently, {}, [], and () are brackets, and , and ; are separators.

For more information, including a small emulator, in which you can try out the package, visit

Key bindings

These are Mac key bindings, for Windows and Linux use ctrl-alt instead of alt-cmd.

Keys Command  
alt-cmd-s list-select Select element at cursor, or range of elements in selection
alt-cmd-x list-cut Cut elements (and separator+whitespace) at cursor/selection
alt-cmd-c list-copy Copy elements at cursor/selection to the clipboard
alt-cmd-v list-paste Paste elements (and separator+whitespace) at cursor/selection


Atom package for list-aware cut, copy & paste operations that automatically handle separators and whitespace.



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