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Proxima 2.0 is an open-source web-based generic editor that can be used to create WYSIWYG editors on web-pages, without requiring editing users to install any software. Except for a small JavaScript client, the system has been written entirely in the functional language Haskell.

In order to instantiate an editor, the editor designer needs to declare a document type and provide a number of stylesheets that specify the behavior of the editor. The stylesheets are then compiled to a server application. More information about instantiating an editor can be found on the Building an editor pages.

The underlying Proxima architecture was developed by Martijn Schrage at Utrecht University, as part of his PhD project (thesis available at Publications). The web-based functionality was made possible by a grant from NLnet foundation.


Below are some screenshots of editors created with Proxima 2.0. Click on the screenshot to see a larger version. A description of these editors together with the actual editors that can be tested is found in the Gallery.

Graph documentation editor
ScreenshotHelium.png Helium source editor ScreenshotDeclarationForm.png Travel declaration form

ScreenshotTaskList.png Task list ScreenshotSudoku.png Sudoku solver ScreenshotStyledText.png Styled text editing

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