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Proxima 2.0 demo editors

Six experimental Proxima 2.0 editors can be tested. Two of these were developed for the original standalone Proxima (but work just as well on the web-based Proxima 2.0), and the other four are simple editors that highlight certain aspects of Proxima 2.0.

Click on the screenshots to start the actual editors in your browser. Instructions on how to use the editors can be found in the Proxima 2.0 User manual.

Dazzle documentation editor

The Dazzle documentation editor can be used to document Bayesian networks. It is a word-processing editor that has some interesting extra features. For example, it contains an editable Bayesian network as well as user-defined subviews on this network. Edit operations on these subviews immediately alter the main network. Furthermore, references to network nodes and chapters with active checking. More details as well as sample edit operations are here.


Helium source editor

The Helium source editor shows how Proxima can be used to provide IDE functionality. It is a parsing editor for a subset of the language Helium, with support for graphical program representations, and transformations on the source. More information about the editor can be found here.


Travel declaration form

The travel declaration form can be used to keep track of expenses in different currencies. The expenses can be entered with a description, the amount, and the currency. The total amount in a chose base currency is computed automatically. Currencies can be added and rates can be modified, all of which is reflected immediately in the editor. Moreover, the base currency can be modified dynamically by selecting it from the list of currencies.


Task list editor

The tasks lists editor keeps track of a list of tasks, which may consist of subtasks. Tasks can be added and deleted and moved using drag and drop. Each task has also has a checkbox that denotes its completion status. This can be clear (task not completed), checked in grey (some subtasks are completed), or checked in black (all subtasks are completed). The checkboxes for composite tasks are computed automatically, and setting or clearing them sets or clears all subtasks of the task. The color of a task also describes its completion (green when completed and blue when not all subtasks are completed).


Sudoku solver

The sudoku editor shows a sudoku puzzle, which can be solved by using either the keyboard or context menus. When a number appears twice or more in one row, column, or square, its background color turns red. The editor is connected to a sudoku solver, which can provide hints. The hints are available through the context menu of the fields of the puzzle.


Styled-text editing

The styled-text editor is not really an editor but rather a showcase for the new styled-text editing facility of Proxima. It shows a single paragraph of styled text together with a set of style buttons and an 'underwater' representation of the paragraph, which shows all the style tags.


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