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GUI interface based on Walletd for TurtleCoin
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WalletShell WalletShell is a GUI wallet for TurtleCoin.

WalletShell Screens


This wallet contains the basic functions required to manage your TurtleCoin assets:

  • Wallet creation
    • Create new wallet
    • Import from private keys
    • Import from mnemonic seed
  • Basic wallet operation
    • Open an existing wallet
    • Display wallet address & balance
    • Display private keys/seed
    • Export private keys/seed
    • Transactions listing/sorting/searching
    • Display transaction detail
    • Export incoming, outgoing, or all transactions to csv file.
    • Incoming Transaction notification
    • Send TurtleCoin to single recipient address, allow to set payment id and custom fee. Provides address lookup from addressbook.
    • Perform wallet optimization by creating fusion transactions
    • Provides utility to generate payment id and integrated address
  • Address book
    • Add/Edit/Delete address entry (label/name, address and payment id)
    • Listing/sorting/searching existing entries
    • Allow to store same wallet address with different payment id
    • Autosave address after sending to new/unknown recipient
  • Misc
    • Provides setting to set local or public node address
    • Option to use system tray (on closing/minimizing wallet)
    • Provides list of public nodes, fetch/updated daily from turtlecoin-nodes-json repo.
    • Custom node address that is not on the list will be added/remembered for future use
    • Theme: Dark & Light Mode
    • Keyboard shortcuts


WalletShell relies on turtle-service to manage wallet container & rpc communication.

Release installer & packaged archived includes a ready to use turtle-service binary, which is unmodified copy TurtleCoin release archive.

On first launch, WalletShell will try to detect location/path of bundled turtle-service binary, but if it's failed, you can manually set path to the turtle-service binary on the Settings screen.

If you don't trust the bundled turtle-service file, you can compare the checksum (sha256sum) against one from the official release, or simply download and use the binary from official TurtleCoin release, which is available here: Then, make sure to update your turtle-service path setting.

Download & Run WalletShell


  1. Download the latest installer here:
  2. Run the installer (walletshell-<version>-win-setup.exe) and follow the installation wizard.
  3. Launch WalletShell via start menu or desktop shortcut.

GNU/Linux (AppImage):

  1. Download latest AppImage bundle here:
  2. Make it executable, either via GUI file manager or command line, e.g. chmod +x walletshell-<version>-linux.AppImage
  3. Run/execute the file, double click in file manager, or run via shell/command line.


macOS (TBD/Untested)

  1. Download latest archive here:
  2. Extract downloaded tar archived
  3. Run the executable binary ( ??


You need to have Node.js and npm installed, go to and find out how to get it installed on your platform.

Once you have Node+npm installed:

# first, download turtle-service binary for each platform
# from TurtleCoin official repo
# extract the turtle-service executable somewhere

# clone the repo
$ git clone
$ cd turtle-wallet-electron

# install dependencies
$ npm install

# create build+dist directory
$ mkdir -p ./build && mkdir -p ./dist

# copy/symlink icons from assets, required for packaging
$ cp ./src/assets/icon.* ./build/

# build GNU/Linux package
$ mkdir -p ./bin/lin
$ cp /path/to/linux-version-of/turtle-service ./bin/lin/
$ npm run dist-lin

# build Windows package
$ mkdir -p ./bin/win
$ cp /path/to/win-version-of/turtle-service.exe ./bin/win/
$ npm run dist-win

# build OSX package
$ mkdir -p ./bin/osx
$ cp /path/to/osx-version-of/turtle-service ./bin/osx/
$ npm run dist-mac

Resulting packages or installer can be found inside dist/ directory.

Porting for other coin

Please see this guide if you want to adapt WalletShell to be use for your own TurtleCoin fork.

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