An unofficial .NET wrapper around the Gfycat API
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Gfycat.Net Build status

Dev builds (package feed url)

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An unofficial wrapper around the Gfycat API written for .NET Standard 1.2

Compatible frameworks (if you don't know the table)

  • .NET Core 1.0 (and up)
  • .NET Framework 4.5.1 (and up)
  • Universal Windows Platform 10.0
  • Universal Windows 8.1
  • Universal Windows Phone 8.1

Upload Gfy Example

using Gfycat;
GfycatClient client = new GfycatClient("replace_with_your_client_ID", "replace_with_your_client_secret"); // client authentication happens during first 401

GfyStatus gfyStatus = await client.CreateGfyAsync(File.Open("somefile", FileMode.Open));
Gfy completedGfy = await gfyStatus.GetGfyWhenCompleteAsync();
// congrats, you now have a gfy

Using Analytics

NuGet version

Gfycat.Net also supports the analytics and impression endpoints under the project "Gfycat.Net.Analytics" or namespace "Gfycat.Analytics".

Creating an analytics client

using Gfycat.Analytics;
string userTrackingCookie = GfycatAnalyticsClientConfig.GenerateCookie(); // not required
GfycatAnalyticsClient client = new GfycatAnalyticsClient("replace_with_app_name", "replace_with_any_app_identification", replaceWithAppVersion, userTrackingCookie); // the cookie may also be null

Session cookie will be auto generated, or you can provide one in a GfycatAnalyticsClientConfig