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Gopher Clients

Archive of various Gopher clients for a variety of platforms. These old clients are increasingly difficult to find, with old FTP servers being shutdown, as universities and colleges "upgrade" their websites.

All items here are supplied as is. If you don't want your client included here please let me know on


See archives for original sources of Gopher resources. These are basically dumps of old resources as I've found as I've gone along.

Pull Requests

Pull requests adding clients, descriptions or archives are very welcome.



  • TCP Connect II - InterCon's suite of internet tools, which includes a Gopher Client
  • TurboGopher 2.0.3 - A Gopher client developed by the University of Minnesota. It's claim to fame of its time was its speed, especially for directory fetches.
  • GopherApp | Source Code - Written by Don Gilbert, supports System 6+ with MacTCP.
  • GopherApp++ | 2.2 Beta - Written by Don Gilbert, adds support for Gopher+. Supports System 6 onwards with MacTCP. I haven't found source code for this one yet.
  • GopherPup - 68K | PPC | Source Code - Written by Don Gilbert, GopherPup is an advanced client which supports Gopher+. Also available for Windows 16/32 as well as Sparc, and SGI


  • FTPd - FTPd is a collection of TCP services, including a Gopher Server.
  • NetPrezenz - Another collection of servers, including a Gopher Server.
  • [MacServer]- Developed by the University of Minnesota, for Syetem 6+ with MacTCP
  • GopherSurfer - Heavy | Lite - Seems to be an advanced server for System 7.0+. The "full" server can use AppleSearch in place of a WAIS Server



  • Gopher client for IBM TCP/IP, written by IBM / David Singer
  • OS/2 PM client for the Internet Gopher protocol, v1.9915, requires TCP/IP v1.2.1 or later. This version of Gopher is exactly the same as the version supplied with the Bonus Pack in OS/2 Warp
  • LA Gopher v1.10b is a 32-bit multi-threaded Gopher Client for IBM TCP/IP version 1.2.1 or later and OS/2 2.1 or later. Designed to replace the Gopher client from the IBM Employee Written Software project, offers many features that the IBM client does not have, including speed. From Steven Gutz.
  • Gopher client (requires VREXX & TCP/IP), written by Howard Gilbert