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Welcome to the Wikipedia Game code project!
The Wikipedia Game is the working title of an interactive, new-editor tutorial for Wikipedia.  
We're brainstorming several ideas right now and want to draft a clear plan for the coding approach.  

The idea is to create a web-based experience, like an interactive tour in a realistic Wikipedia environment.
It should emulate or run mediawiki with the Vector skin.

It may include:
* Mediawiki
* Mediawiki API
* Mediawiki extensions
* Javascript
* HTML 5
* Flash

The environment can be closed but must have some working links and allow editing on mock articles and mock-editor interaction.  
The majority of the game is just sequential dialogue boxes, but there are some interactive components.
They include text choices, warnings, a reg-ex bad words filter, etc.

The game should be clean, simple, fun, realistic, and enjoyable to play.  
There are 12 levels and each one should take about 5-10 minutes to play resulting in 1-2 hours of gameplay.

Modules which require more involved coding include:
* mock account registration
* dialogue choices
* article editing
* real-time user notices (i.e. new messages)
* reg-ex filter
* warnings

This game will be fully open sourced and released to the Wikipedia community.  
The license under a free use, reuse, modification, and commercial adaptation license.  Attribution would be nice.