Tracking-free, simple, Drupal share module. Also hides corp icons behind hover/touch.
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Owstech Share

A Drupal share module with no js tracking, simple-clean html5 markup, and fancy css transitions. This was created in support the needs of Occupy affiliated sites to preserve anonimity of its visitors (or not specifically aiding corporations from tracking our visitors browsing behaviors) The drawer functionality was an attempt to make this tool functional while not plastering social media corporate logos all over our sites.

Why use this?

  1. When you access a page with social media like buttons, using the widgets provided by the various sites, the corresponding service can track your browsing. This module does not. It simply builds URLS to take you to the proper location. Think of it as an opt-in for facebook and twitter's knowing where you are while not using their services directly.
  2. Doesn't by default scatter corportate logos alongside your sites, tools, thoughts, and messages.
  3. Supports facebook, twitter, google plus, and reddit.
  4. Its html5 and has minimal markup.
  5. It's already built!
  6. It can easily be extended to work with other services (contact the author about adding services).

What's left to do?

It would be nice to make it easier for admins to add services at their leisure using a nice UI. Improve mobile and touch support. Provide a few different styles for presentation. Wordpress version.