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Here the community shares and discusses best practices.

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Here the OceanGliders community shares and discusses best practices, data formats and vocabularies.

How to contribute

We are an open community! If you want to join the effort just browse through the different repositories, raise issues or start a discussion. A good start is also to introduce you.

Ongoing community efforts

If you wish to contribute to the SOP development just let us know here.

Code of Conduct

Please read and follow our Code of Conduct.


  1. Oxygen_SOP Oxygen_SOP Public template

    Oxygen Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

    TeX 5 19

  2. OG-format-user-manual OG-format-user-manual Public

    OceanGliders format and vocabularies

    11 12

  3. LearningGitHub LearningGitHub Public

    A training area to pratice and test using OceanGliders Community area

    2 20

  4. Salinity_SOP Salinity_SOP Public

    Salinity Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

    TeX 5 7

  5. Nitrate_SOP Nitrate_SOP Public

    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

    TeX 1 5

  6. meeting_notes meeting_notes Public

    Collection of meetings notes



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