Process Bio-Argo profiles with ease.
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Python library to process biogeochemical float profiles

Profiles received from biogeochemical (BGC) float can be processed in real-time and delayed mode with this library. Calibrations are applied to convert engineering counts to scientific units followed by the state-of-the-art corrections (more details). A web interface can be enabled to visualize the time series and profiles from the floats. The library converts the float msg to plane-jane MSG (PGM) compatible with Argo DAC.


Packages required and tested version:

  • numpy v1.11.2 and 1.12.0
  • scipy v0.18.2 and 0.18.1
  • statsmodels v0.6.1 and 0.8.0
  • simplejson 3.10.0 (original json package does not support NaN)
  • gsw v3.0.3 (compute seawater density)
  • pyinotify v0.9.6 [optional, to run real-time monitoring files]
  • geojson v1.3.5

Setup the configuration file for the processing app: coming soon

Setup the web interface (optional): coming soon

Setup real-time run: coming soon

First run

Batch processing

$python3 -O bash cfg/app_cfg.json <usr_id>

FloatProcess v0.1.0

Real-time processing with daemon:

$python3 -O cfg/app_cfg.json

FloatProcess v0.1.0
Starting daemon for real-time processing

Processing one profile (real-time started from other application/script)

$python3 -O rt cfg/app_cfg.json <msg_file_name>

Description of library

Description of files from the packages:

  • oceanographic toolbox containing the calibration and corrections methods
  • set of functions to load the configuration of the application and each individual float in order to process the profiles at different level
  • set of functions to update the content of the web interface
  • start daemon for real-time processing monitoring a directory
  • test*.py: various files used for testing and development


  • BUG FIX in O2 correction
  • ADD support GDAC processed and QC data
  • ADD support other float models: APEX
  • ADD Dark corrections to fluorescence chlorophyll a profiles
  • ADD drift correction to attenuation profiles
  • IMPROVE NPQ correction with current consensus
  • IMPROVE remove warnings from gsw when NaN values
  • REFACTORING in one class
  • ADD Order float by active|more recent deployment in dashboard status
  • ADD dark correction for PAR sensor
  • UPDATE update_db to store all positions and dt_report in meta tables for each float