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Code for simulations and analysis for the paper: "Mixing of passive tracers at the ocean surface"
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Code for simulation and data analysis of "Mixing of passive tracers at the ocean surface and implications for plastic transport modelling"

Authors: D. Wichmann, P. Delandmeter, H. A. Dijkstra and E. van Sebille

This repository contains all code needed for the simulation and analysis for the paper. For questions, please contact

OceanParcels version

We used OceanParcels version 1.10 with slight modifications:


Use Simulations/ The grid file has to be created beforehand, containing the initial longitudes and latitudes of 0.2 degree (entropy) and 0.1 degree (Markov chain) particles.

Simulation for fixed depths

The following command is used to advect particles for 60 days for the transition matrix calculation. 'pos' is the index of initial particle grids.

python -name testrun -y 2001 -m 1 -d 1 -simdays 60 -pos 0


Creation of matrices

Execute the functions in Analysis/

Creation of figures

Execute functions in Analysis/

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