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Welcome to ACCESS-OM2 — a coupled ocean-ice model and collection of configurations developed by the Consortium for Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA).

ACCESS-OM2 uses the MOM ocean model, CICE ice model, and a file-based atmosphere called YATM coupled together using the OASIS3-MCT coupler.

How to run ACCESS-OM2

Start by reading the Quick start guide. If you are using at the NCI National Facility then this should be all you need.

More detailed instructions can be found on the Getting Started page.

Getting help and reporting issues

For all help requests and error reports please create a "GitHub issue" at ACCESS-OM2 issues.

For self-help

Setting up and running the model is primarily supported via the ACCESS-OM2 wiki (that you are already reading). It is a "wiki" so feel free to correct and contribute.

How to update this wiki

The wiki attached to a public repository can be edited by anyone. Just navigate to the page you wish to edit and click on the 'edit' button on the top right hand side.

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