Source code for Code Camp Presentation: Testable, ES2015, AngularJS 1.5.x Component Based Applications
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Review Presentation

Source code for the Code Camp Presentation: Testable, ES2015, AngularJS 1.5.x Component based Applications.

The below image pictures the review of a session. The GradeComponent provides UI for grading the question.


Before you can run this code locally on your system, you'll need to load the following software:

  • Install node.js: (Mac users install using "brew" not the download from node web site.)

  • Install JSPM globally

npm install -g jspm

Running The App and Unit Tests

  • Download or clone this repo.

  • Open a terminal window at the root folder and run the following commands:

npm install

Windows User Please Note: during testing, one time I had to run 'npm install' twice to get around a package install error.

  • Run the mocha unit tests
npm run mocha
  • Continuously run mocha unit tests as files are changed and saved
npm run watch
  • Run the mocha unit tests and Istanbul code coverage
npm run coverage
  • Run the website
npm run start
  • Run ES6 and HTML linters
  • Continuously run ES6 and HTML linters
gulp watch

This application has an in-memory database; each time the browser is opened, a fresh database is loaded. Additionally, refreshing the browser will cause the AngularJS application to restart and refresh the database.

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