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A custom client launcher for Nexon's Counter-Strike: Online 2, written in C++.

Ready for this master server

Any help towards the project is welcome and appreciated.


Obtaining CSO2

You can grab a copy of Nexon's Counter-Strike: Online 2 at MEGA or Google Drive.

SHA-256: 02F76DBDD083EF78ECC92EB963C7C7A7576FF2E2C695671A4F358C2580584965

Obtaining the launcher

  • Download a copy of the launcher;
  • Then, extract the files inside to [your CSO2 game folder]/Bin.

Starting the game

Note: a master server has to be running somewhere.

Run start-cso2.bat and enter the master server's IP address to start the game.


The translations are a courtesy of Frostie.

  • When the game loads enter some login information - only your username will be used, so you can use any password (image);
  • Select 커스텀모드 (custom mode) to go to the channel menu (image);
  • Pick a channel (image)
  • Create your own room by pressing 방만들기 (create a room) (image) then choosing game mode (image);
  • You can now start the match by pressing 게임 시작 (game start) (image).

You can input Source Engine commands (such as cl_showfps 1) in the console window.

Available command line arguments

  • -lang [some language] - Sets the game's language to some language's (considering you have the language files)
  • -masterip [some ip] - Sets the master server's IP address to some ip
  • -masterport [some port] - Sets the master server's port number to some port


Build requirements

Currently only Visual Studio 2017 is supported.

Starting the build

In a Powershell instance enter:

./setuplibs.ps1 # setups dependencies

Open the solution CSO2Launcher.sln and build it in your preferred configuration.

If built successfully, you will find the launcher inside out/bin/Win32/[your configuration].

Bug reporting

Have a look at the issues for a list of bugs found or to report them yourself.

Pull requests

Improvements and suggestions are welcome, make one at 'pull requests'.

Libraries used


Thank you's


Read LICENSE for license information.

I'm not affiliated with either Valve and/or Nexon, neither I own Counter-Strike Online 2.