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Colorful, low-saturation color scheme supporting several languages and plugins and based on Molokai.
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Base16 Pastel Paws.tmTheme
Pastel Paws.tmTheme

Pastel Paws

A colorful theme easy on the eyes


  • Supports a lot of syntax and plugins
  • Originally based on Monokai/Molokai, it evolved into something unique.
  • Spacegray support with Pastel Paws - Spacegray.tmTheme

This theme was tested in Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3.

###Bleeding edge?

You can add this repository to package control to avoid waiting for releases and always be up-to-date, using this method.

###Preview pictures

Last updated: Feb. 25th, 2015

Standard version


Spacegray version

Spacegray Preview

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