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A dark theme matching Windows 8's chrome for Sublime Text 2/3
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Dark Eight.sublime-theme
Light Eight.sublime-theme

Dark Eight Theme

We have obtained ownership of the original repo and transferred it here. The original repo resided at ShawnMcCool/theme-dark-eight and credit goes to him for most of the work (as of August 2014).

About Dark Eight

I finally found a theme that I liked but it wasn't DARK enough. So, here I present Dark Eight.

Some aspects of it are a bit messy internally. But, it works perfectly as far as I can tell.

At some point in time I may clean up the theme internals.. or feel free to contribute.



Dark Preview


Light Preview

The syntax highlighting theme is our very own Pastel Paws. Available Here


Package Control:

  1. Install the package (PREFERENCES -> PACKAGE CONTROL -> Package Control: Install package)

  2. Select Theme - Dark Eight

Alternative manual method

  1. Clone this repo into Packages/Theme - Dark Eight
    • Make sure it's installed in "Packages/Theme - Dark Eight" otherwise it will break


Depending on which version of the theme you want, configure Sublime Text to use it by adding this line to your user settings file (PREFERENCES -> SETTINGS - USER):

Dark version:

"theme": "Dark Eight.sublime-theme",

Light version (re-make of Eight, since the source is mainly lost):

"theme": "Light Eight.sublime-theme",


Based on the Eight theme by Andreas Westerlind which in turn was based on the Phoenix theme, which is in turn is based on the Soda Theme by Ian Hill (

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