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Exam Prototype

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Aim of the project

This project is a prototype that should help in experimenting event-driven development in PHP.

The aim is not to produce an entire application, but just a service layer that is able to reproduce the workflow of an exam and allow to build flexible applications on it.

All following documentation can be subject to modifications by the working group.

Definition of "exam"

examination: a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge;

In a wider view, an exam could also just be a forced set of lectures/audio tracks to ensure that a user has obtained some knowledge. It could also be an extended poll for market research and so on.


  • An exam has (in most cases) following workflow:

    1. Exam is booked/generated for various users (like at university). User gets notification about the assigned exam (optional)
    2. User takes the exam by starting it
    3. User goes through the various steps that compose the exam and answer/follow instructions in each step
    4. User completes the exam or eventually aborts it. Abort can either be explicit or implicit (user does not complete it in time, if time limit is set)
    5. Exam is evaluated
    6. User get achievements (optional)


Suggested dependencies and patterns

To achieve what is defined in the requirements and still keep a very flexible structure, event driven design has been chosen as the best suited pattern for this prototype. Other approaches and suggestions are welcome.

Implementations should use either Symfony2's Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher component or Zend Framework 2's Zend\EventManager component. This decision is up to the developers working on the concept. Also, suggestions for improvement for both components could be collected.

Suggested interface interactions

  • An Exam is a set of Exam\Step instances.
  • An Exam has a reference to a User that is taking it.
  • An Exam can generate an Exam\Evaluation
  • An Exam\Step can generate an Exam\Step\Evaluation

Suggested RFC

  • Exam:
    • must provide a description of itself
    • must provide the User that is taking it
    • must provide its current status (new, started, aborted, completed)
    • must behave like an Iterator for steps (moving to arbitrary step is not a requirement)
    • must provide an evaluation
    • could provide a start and/or an end time limit
    • must trigger events for
      • create when created/planned
      • start when taken by the User
      • complete when completed
      • abort when aborted (also: how do we know when it is aborted?)
      • iterate whenever iteration over steps happens (more events can be applied to the iterator)
  • Exam\Step
    • must provide a description of itself
    • must provide its status (new, read, answered)
    • could accept an answer (steps with forced lectures could not need an answer)
    • must provide an evaluation
    • must trigger events for
      • visit when visited
      • answer when answered
  • Exam\Evaluation
    • must provide a boolean serialization (passed/failed)
  • Exam\Step\Evaluation
    • must provide a boolean serialization (passed/failed)

Suggested interface - TBD

will provide sample interface and eventually sample implementation

Workflow of the hack session

  1. Define how an eventual service should be structured:
    • Should it provide exam instances (like a Doctrine\Common\Persistence\ObjectRepository?)
    • Should it provide ways to interact with an exam instance, like $service->startExam($exam); or should those methods be used on the Exam instance itself?
  2. Define a basic interface
    • What methods are needed?
    • What methods are against "YAGNI"?
    • What objects should register event listeners (if the event components are used)?
  3. Build simple implementation of the interface and ensure that all that all events are fired correctly through unit tests with mocked event listeners.
  4. Eventually proceed with building a schema/entity/document graph compatible with the concepts of the Doctrine\Common\Persistence project (do not keep persistence in mind until interface is done!)

Instructions to Setup

If you are on windows please get the git for windows shell here <>_.


First, fork off github the main repository at:

~ git clone
~ ./setup        # ./setup.bat if you are on windows


~ ./develop      # ./develop.bat if you are on windows

Tentative Agenda

  1. Fast PR Tutorial (20 minutes)

    • Assign Tickets, creating groups + Support/QA group: 4 -> 7 groups
    • 2 rooms - 2 projectors - skype speakers
  2. map reduce emphasis into 20% of tickets

    • merge or refactor groups
    • have them work on this reduced number of PRs
  3. retrospective and final MERGE